Film Blog: Amour

Today I’m highlight a new addition to our film collection called¬†Amour directed by Michael Haneke, which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2012.

If you have never seen a Michael Haneke film before, there is something you should know. Haneke’s films are very special in that “much of his work examines tendencies toward social alienation and brutality within contemporary middle-class milieus.” For example, Amour centers around a elderly couple in France going through a tough time. The wife, Anne, suffers a stoke and needs around the clock care afterwards. Most of the film centers around the struggles of taking care of your significant other, which might seem mundane but remember, he won an Academy Award for it. Haneke is know for not shying away from uncomfortable situations or issues, which clearly show up in all his films.

Unfortunately, this is the only Haneke film we have in the library, but he is well-known for films. In case you’re interested in other Haneke films, you should check out Funny Games, Cache, and The Piano Teacher.

As always, I’m leaving you with a trailer to preview.

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