Field Museum is FREE this Month!

The Field has free general admission for IL state residents every day in the month of February. The museum is open 9 AM to 5 PM every day.  Here’s the website if you want to check it out before your visit.

Everybody loves free things and when what you are getting is entry into one of the country’s very best museums, there is a lot to love. The Field is a true gem of Chicago, and curious people find wonder and inspiration there everyday.  One of my absolute favorite exhibitions to spend time in is Inside Ancient Egypt.  Who doesn’t want to go into a three-story recreation of an Ancient Egyptian tomb? The dioramas, the hieroglyphics, the MUMMIES!  I hope you’ll go visit sometime this month, and if you do and you’d like to immerse yourself even further into the study of Ancient Egypt, you know you’ll find plenty of great resources here in our collection, including these standouts:

Cleopatra:  A Life by Stacey Schiff I read this book last month and it is a phenomenal portrait of one of the history’s most famous women.  It’s well-researched and entertaining.

Learn more about the beliefs and stories of the ancient Egyptians by checking out The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends. 

If you were particularly interested in the art that you saw in the exhibit you definitely are going to want to take a look at this stunner of a book- Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum. 

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