Fall STEM Series: Engineering, Atmospheric Chemistry, Protein Biology

Interested in a career in science? Don’t miss our STEM lecture series this fall!  People who work in STEM fields will talk about their work and give tips to students interested in working in these areas.

This event is organized with the Mathematics Department and the Office of Science & Business.


“X-ray crystallography: Shining a light on protein structure.”
Thursday, Sept 15th, 11am, Building L, Library Lounge
Description: Proteins carry out many important cellular functions such as cellular signaling, molecular transport, and catalysing metabolic reactions. The structure of a protein can often give useful insights into how it carries out its function. X-ray crystallography is a technique used by biologists to determine the atomic structure of proteins. I will describe the technique and show some examples of how a protein’s structure reveals insights into its function. David B. Neau, Ph.D. is Staff Scientist, Northeastern Collaborative Access Team, Dept. of Chemistry, Cornell University. This event is part of the STEM series.

“How do you measure stuff you can’t see?”
Thursday, November 10th, 12:30pm, Building L, Library Lounge
Description: Adam Keil is chemist who detects very small amounts of stuff that might potentially have a very big impact on the world around us. From atmospheric gases in the Arctic to explosives in airports, Adam has worked with universities, governments, and corporations to develop methods and machines for the detection of trace amounts ‘high consequence’ materials. It takes some math, some science, some engineering, and sometimes some luck to find particles at one-millionth of one-millionth of a paperclip. Join Adam as he explains his work and how he got there–both to you and to himself! Adam Keil, Ph.D. is an atmospheric chemist whose doctorate is from Purdue University. He works as a consultant. This event is part of the STEM series.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Civil Engineering!
Tuesday, Nov 15th, 12:30pm, Building L, Library Lounge
Description: Civil Engineering is a diverse profession that offers you variety in multiple sub-disciplines involving critical thinking, problem solving, team work and adventure. This lecture will discuss the science, mathematics, exploration of different components and benefits of becoming a Civil Engineer. Kimberly Hastings is Resident Engineer with an emphasizes in Structural Engineering. Currently managing and overseeing construction of a large rail project for the largest inland port in the United States. This event is part of the STEM series.

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