Ever Heard of Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a topic of concern for many of us who do research, but we know that many of our students have never heard of the term. Net neutrality is the idea that all traffic that moves across the internet is treated the same. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed rules that would allow cable companies and other service providers to allow some content (from favored partners) to move faster while other content would move slower. This is the kind of move that threatens innovation. For more information, you should take a look at:

New York Times “Defending the Open Internet” by Jeff Sommer (May 10, 2014)
Time magazine “The FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal: Why It Stinks and How It Could Affect You by Jared Newman (April 26, 2014)

What is “Net Neutrality?”

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