Event Video: Living Life on the Hyphen: Being a Bi-Racial, Caribbean-American Woman

Have you ever felt as though you don’t quite belong? As though you cannot be put into one particular box? If so, then this talk is for you. In this talk, Shanya Gray shares what it was like growing up bi-racial in the Caribbean and what it was like migrating to the United States and living in a culture that was foreign to her. Shanya also shares how she wrestled with not belonging and the process of ultimately becoming comfortable with who she is. Ultimately, in giving this talk, Shanya hopes to share valuable lessons learned from her life’s experiences that can be of encouragement to anyone who has wrestled with not belonging.

Living Life on the Hyphen: Identity & Belonging Amidst Being a Bi-Racial, Caribbean-American Woman

This event is part of our TLC: Teaching & Learning Community series.

The audio of this discussion is available below:

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