Event Video: Climate, Energy, Our World, Our Future

The science of global warming has been known for nearly 150 years, and we are now starting to experience tangible impacts on the world’s climate. We humans perceive these changes as gradual, but compared to natural cycles, they are unprecedentedly rapid. Fossil fuel combustion is closely linked with the development of a modern industrial society, coinciding with rapid growth of global population. But the buildup of greenhouse gases is creating serious side effects that have now become crystal clear. These facts present humanity with a monumental challenge. We need to bring all of our technological and philosophical wisdom to bear if future generations are to inherit a manageable global system. This lecture will explain the basic science of climate change, our energy systems and technologies, the role of agriculture, and what kinds of things we must do to secure a brighter future. Special event part of our STEM series.

Climate, Energy, Our World, Our Future featuring Rick Knight

The audio of this discussion is available below:

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