Essential Government Information, and Primary Sources

We have some new resources on our website.  Its called the FDLP Basic Collection and these resourceFDLP Logos are considered essential for United States residents to inform themselves about the workings of the federal government.  For example, the government’s budget and information about laws, the economy, and Congress are all included.  As nice at that sounds, why should you care?

As a student or researcher, how many times have you been asked to find primary sources?  Well, this Basic Collection includes a TON of primary sources.  Look at the census tables and American Fact Finder for raw population data.  Then there is the Statistical Abstract of the United States; a veritable treasure trove of information.  Traffic fatalities, crime rates and arrests, health and wellness statistics are just some examples of the types of data available in the Statistical Abstract. 

You will have to look at the data tables and draw your own conclusions about what you find.  Which, incidentally is exactly why your instructors want to to look at primary sources.  Good Luck!

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