Energy for a Sustainable Future: What is it? How do we make it happen?

Energy is a multidisciplinary subject touching each of our daily lives, yet its governing concepts remain abstract to most. This presentation will promote energy literacy to a wide audience. We will discuss the credibility of information about energy and communicate about energy and energy use in meaningful ways. This knowledge will allow us to make informed decisions based on an understanding of impacts and consequences. This will provide the audience a greater understanding why we need to thoroughly understand our current energy systems to cope with the sustainability issues we are facing. This event is organized by the MVCC Center for Sustainability.

Dr. Jin Ho Jo is Associate Professor of Technology at Illinois State University, teaching in the Renewable Energy program. As the Associate Director of the Center for Renewable Energy, he also leads the Solar Power Research Group. His research, which has been widely published, focuses on the use of renewable energy systems and sustainable building strategies to reduce negative impacts of urbanization. His 2010 Ph.D. from Arizona State University was the nation’s first in sustainability.

Energy for a Sustainable Future: What is it? How do we make it happen?

The audio of this discussion is available below:

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