Drought, Water, and Chicago

Chicagoland is in the midst of significant drought, and we are not alone (see U.S. Drought 2012: More Than Half Of Continental States Experiencing Extremely Dry Conditions). Even though we tend to think we have plenty of water, this is not true. We are straining our water supply and without some significant rain, we run some risks. Here are a couple of articles about the drought:

If you are interested in water issues in Chicago, take a look at the Metropolitan Planning Council’s Facebook page, What’s Our Water Worth. AUDIOCAST: The Future of Water in Chicagoland

Summary: How long can we continue to rely on Lake Michigan water and what’s the impact of our water? How does our water use impact real estate and industrial development? What are the emerging demands for green infrastructure and water use? What has the impact of invasive species been on the area? We welcomed Josh Ellis of the Metropolitan Planning Council who answered these questions and discussed water use in our region.

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