Do you have end of the semester worries?

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It is only human to worry about problems in life – but for some, obsessing for weeks and months, or avoiding social events and situations due to feelings of panic can become a frequent part of life.  If any of these describe you or a loved one, then you or they may be considered “almost anxious”.  Those who are almost anxious may never address the issue because they don’t fully meet the diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder.  In the eBook Almost Anxious, author Luana Marques, Ph.D., describes the spectrum of anxiety symptoms, from normal situational anxiety to full-blown anxiety disorder.  Drawing on case studies and the latest research, she gives the tools to:  assess whether your or a loved one’s worry is a problem; discover proven strategies to change unhealthy feelings of distress; gauge the physical, psychological, and social impact of your anxiety symptoms; and determine when and how to get professional help when needed.

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