Data USA – New visualization site for government data

Developed by MIT Media Lab and Deloitte, Data USA delivers interactive visualizations of thousands of public data sets on jobs, income, education, health, and more. Data USA provides an open, easy-to-use platform that turns data into knowledge. Instead of searching through multiple data sources that are often incomplete and difficult to access, you can simply point to Data USA to answer your questions.

“The goal was organize and visualize data in a way that a lot of people think about it,” said Patricia Buckley, director of economic policy and analysis at Deloitte and a former senior economist at the Department of Commerce.

Just enter your interest in the search box, and you quickly get common statistical breakdowns. Seems pretty great if you want summaries in a pinch. From there, you can embed and download charts, download data, and make comparisons. For business analysts, policymakers, or students, this has obvious value, but the visualizations are so well executed anyone can have fun with it.

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