Come Settle Your Library!

MVCC Library is happy to announce that it has added some new items to its collection!  We have added a number of tabletop games to our catalog, and we want YOU to know about them!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be doing a series highlighting each of our new games showcasing their gameplay and even some educational benefits.  (Hey, classrooms can have room for games too!)


The Settlers of Catan is a strategy game set on the island of Catan.  You are a settler seeking to expand your territory across the map. Be wary, because there are other settlers trying to achieve the same goals and resources are limited!  The goal is to amass resources (Wool, Lumber, Brick, Ore, and Sheep) to expand your influence by building roads, new settlements, and even cities.  As you expand, you are able to gain more resources and grow faster.


The game creates a social atmosphere, as well.  As you grow on the tiny island, you are bound to come into conflict with the other players, but it also encourages you to trade with other these same players.  So, you’ll have to be careful on whose territory you’re encroaching, and whose trades you’re accepting or denying.  It just might come back to haunt you!


The Settlers of Catan offers a number of educational opportunities.  Planning, strategizing, statistics, and negotiating are just a couple of the components that are crucial to playing and mastering the game.  Mayfair Games, the people that created Settlers of Catan, created a hand sheet of many of the things this game can teach.  You can find that article here.


Come on over to the library, and check out our awesome collection of games, have a seat in the lounge, and take some time to relax with friends during your busy semester!

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