China’s Supercomputer: A we behind?

This caught my eye because it features computer scientist Rick Stevens, who is at Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne is right in our backyard (near Lemont).

This is a discussion of China’s supercomputing, which has surpassed the capacity of the US. This is something that should concern us for many reasons. You can listen here:

A Calculating Win for China’s New Supercomputer
Description: China’s “Tianhe-2” (Milky Way 2) supercomputer took first place in one recent speed test, clocking in at 30 quadrillion calculations per second—about twice as fast as the best American machines. The U.S. still has more supercomputers than any other nation, but some experts say computer speed is a measure of a country’s scientific innovation, and worry the U.S. is lagging behind.

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