Chicago Welcomes Home our Veterans

After every war in modern U.S. history, we as a nation have honored our Veterans with parades, and now that the Iraq War has concluded, we want to recognize and honor this current group of Veterans…”

Last August I wrote a post here, about this welcome home parade coming up in Chicago.  There are now more details it will be December 15, 2012 at Noon, on Columbus Drive between Balbo Avenue and Monroe Street (essentially through Grant Park).

A veterans resource festival follows the parade at Navy Pier. Don’t forget, they may need Volunteers, Donations, and to follow them on Facebook.

Former Marine Seeks Atonement for Tragedy in Iraq

Award winning New York Times journalist Dexter Filkins and former U.S. Marine, Lu Lobello, relate a story from the early part of the Iraq War in the current issue of the New Yorker magazine.

This moving story tells the events of an unintentional and unfortunate shooting of an Iraqi civilian family, and the very personal consequences for both.

Read the article, find the October 29th issue issue of the New Yorker in the periodicals section of the library (behind the coffee bar).  The New Yorker online only has the abstract of the article. But you can read it in full online in our database Expanded Academic ASAP (sorry no PDF).

Listen to an Interview with Lobello and Filkins here (it this doesn’t play in your browser, right-click to download and save the file).

Read Dexter Filkins’ original 2003 account of the events. More from Dexter Filkins here.


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