Chicago Welcome Home Parade for Iraq War Veterans

In recent news, it appears that the City of Chicago has issued a permit to Chicago Welcomes Home The Heros for a welcome home parade to honor the returned veterans of the Iraq War, and support the soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan.  It will be held on December 15, the 1 year anniversery of the end to the War in Iraq.

Chicago has a long history of supporting its troops, eventually even honoring the soldiers from the often malaigned Vietnam War.  So, let’s give our thanks to the Iraq War soldiers on December 15, 2012 and welcome them home. You can support Chicago Welcomes Home The Heros by making a donation or they are also looking for volunteers to help.

For student veterans there is support and information at the Moraine Valley Academic Advising office.  There is also information for and about veterans at the library.  Feel free to ask a librarian.

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