Chicago Museums – Week 6

The museum blog turns to the north side of the city this week. There are two historic homes that have been converted into museums. The collections in the museums are interesting, but also pay attention to the interior and exterior of each building.

The Driehaus Museum @ 40 East Erie Street, Chicago

“The Museum immerses visitors in Gilded Age-era decorative arts, design, and architecture, all in the culturally and historically significant setting of one of the grandest residential buildings of 19th-century Chicago, the Samuel M. Nickerson Mansion.”

International Museum of Surgical Science @ 1524 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

“Dr. Max Thorek founded the International College of Surgeons (ICS) in 1935, with the goals of promoting the exchange of surgical knowledge and fostering understanding and good will worldwide. He had an equally noble goal in establishing the International Museum of Surgical Science – to enrich people’s lives.”

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