Chicago Museums – Week 2

This week’s museum spotlight is on the Glessner House Museum and the Clarke House Museum. These museums are located on the south side of Chicago. A visit to these historic houses will give you a glimpse into Downton Abbey –  Chicago style.

Glessner House Museum  @ 1800 S. Prairie, Chicago

“The stories that live within the walls of Glessner House tell the tale of Chicago in an era that, more than any other, shaped urban America: the family life and fashion trends, masters and servants, high culture and crass consumerism, intellectual achievements and industrial brawn. The spirit of social and artistic life during the Glided Age lives in Glessner House and visitors not only learn its cultural history, they experience the ambiance of this bygone world.”

Clarke House Museum @ 1827 S. Indiana Ave, Chicago

“The house shows what life was like for a family in Chicago during the city’s formative years before the Civil War.”

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