Cell Phone Give You Cancer

Will your cell phone give you cancer? For years, scientists have been saying that there is now link. Now, a panel of World Health Organization scientists are bumping up the risk level a bit. This is an interesting debate that revolves around the evaluation of evidence and the weighing of risks. Here’s a link to a PBS News Hour story: Neurosurgeon: ‘Your Cell Phone Is Not Necessarily a Safe Device

SUMMARY: A World Health Organization panel of 31 scientists raised some concerns Tuesday when they reported that cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic” and may be associated with “some risk” for brain cancer. But the group also called for further study. Jeffery Brown discusses concerns and precautions with neurosurgeon Keith Black.

By the way, here’s a cool web-extra special from the News Hour Cell Phones Pose ‘Possible’ Cancer Risk, Says World Health Organization.

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