College Student Resources – Icecream Apps Website Review

icescreenshotlogo“The Internet-based world we live in means that common web-based homework tasks need easy and fast solutions. Ice Cream Apps fills the bill by providing students the software to take care of tasks like capturing screenshots, converting video formats, making slideshows and all kinds of stuff that college students’ coursework can require” (Mooney).

The company’s “mission is to provide millions of users all over the world with great and still free analogues to the popular paid applications for Windows systems. . . .Some of our products are absolutely free, some free versions have limited features with an upgrade possibility to PRO version which have special features and no limitations” (Icecream Apps).

As a former Master’s degree student, what I like about the Icecream Apps website is it is like a “one-stop shop” for applications that most college students will eventually need to use.

  • PDF Converter – a PDF format of a document is easier to access and use especially if an instructor does not use Microsoft Word; I have also used this feature many times responding to job applications when a PDF is required. Converts a file to (and from) PDF.
  • Screen Recorder – I had to create a presentation for one of my online classes showing a demonstration of something on-screen.
  • Ebook Reader – this could come in handy if a student is researching and saving online articles that are in an EPUB format.
  • PDF Split and Merge – could be useful if a student is saving an article they found in an online database, but only wants to keep specific pages of pertinent content.
  • Slideshow Maker – could help a student create a presentation or just a slideshow of personal pictures.
  • Image Resizer – I tested this to resize a background photo for my LinkedIn page and it is very user-friendly.

All of the above software applications work on Windows-based systems; only two (Screen Recorder and PDF Split and Merge) work on Mac based systems so far.

Other features that I like about this website are: there is a “Help Center” drop down menu which offers *manuals and how-tos on using the software; on each separate software product page there is a short video presentation highlighting features of the software; and all the software products offer translations into many different languages for people all around the world.

icescreenshotmanual*Screen shot of the on-screen manual. I created this using the software and added the arrows and the text. Very user-friendly for not having read the manual.

Check out Icecream Apps and let us know what you think!

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Free Podcast Workshops in the Library: YouCast Digital Workshop Series

D587LRC071Interested in starting your own podcast? Want to learn about audio recording tools available in the library? Check out the YouCast: Digital Broadcasting Workshop Series. These workshops are free and open to current Moraine Valley students.

Recording Your Podcast or Interview with a Digital Recorder
—Wednesday, October 5th, 2pm-3:30pm, Library media lab
—Thursday, October 12th, 2pm-3:30pm, Library media lab
Join us for a workshop on using a digital recording device to create a podcast or conduct an interview! During the session we will show you how to use the library’s H6 Digital Recorder including: connecting microphones, monitoring your sound, creating and managing files, and tips for getting a good set up.
Email Librarian Dan Matthews (matthewsd29[at] to reserve your seat.

Editing Your Podcast or Interview Files Using Audacity
—Tuesday, October 11th, 2pm-3:30pm, Library media lab
—Wednesday, October 12th, 2pm-3:30pm, Library media lab
Come check out Audacity, a digital audio editing program available at the library! During the workshop we will show you how to edit your recordings, combine multiple recordings, eliminate some background noise, and add different effects to them. We’ll also show you how to manage and export your recording files.
Email Librarian Dan Matthews (matthewsd29[at] to reserve your seat.

Argonne National Laboratory


Looking for an interesting day trip this summer? There is a great place to visit and it is less than 10 miles from MVCC. Argonne National Laboratory is managed by the University of Chicago and has a history of being on the cutting edge of many scientific discoveries (including work on the Manhattan Project). The laboratory  offers guided tours of the facility. Visit this historical site and take time  to walk through the adjoining forests to visit the waterfall and remnants of the Chicago Park District nursery.  Also check out the view of the Des Plaines Valley.











Quick Searching on Presidential Candidates’ Issues

Primary2016The Illinois Presidential Primary and State Primary election is coming up on March 15, 2016. If you haven’t had much time to look in depth at the presidential candidates’ individual websites, or you’re looking for a quicker option/comparison, Google has a way! Go to Google, input any presidential candidate’s name and the word “stance” (unquoted) into the search box.


The results are presented in a box titled “Issues” with drop down arrows. Once you click on the arrow for a particular issue you’re presented with quotes from the candidate (from different sources) on that particular issue, showing their stance.


To learn more about using this tool read On the Road to the 2016 Elections with Google Search.”

*The contents of this blog post do not express the author’s or MVCC’s political views.*

Digital Natives



laptops“A Digital Native is a person who has been familiar with information technology since childhood.” Many educators and psychologists are analyzing the effects of this phenomena. If you want to explore this topic, check out the MVCC catalog or the library databases and find out how the digital movement is changing the way young people interact in every aspect of their lives.

You may also want to read this article from the December/January issue of Popular Mechanics.

What Can Algorithms Teach us about Life, Love, and Happiness? (Video)

Check out this video where Mathematician/computer Scientist Jeremy Kun discusses the power and limitations of algorithms to solve problems. What is an algorithm? How can algorithms be utilized to understand real-world problems? Will computers replace humans? This event is part of Moraine Valley’s STEM Lecture Series.

What Can Algorithms Teach us about Life, Love, and Happiness? (STEM talk)

The audio of this discussion is available below:

You are being watched, tracked, and tabulated. Do you care?


You are being watched, tracked, and tabulated. Do you care? Maybe you should Check out this online graphic novel by Josh Neufeld and Michael Keller called “Terms of Service.” It is an exploration of our online world where we trade free services for our data. BUT, as a graphic novel (comic) it is easy to read and (even) fun.


Spotting Fake Reviews & Bad Info on the Web

It’s easy to write online reviews. Real ones & fake ones. Write reviews of restaurants, films, books, no problem. But there are more series issues with reviews of services such as How about reviews of doctors or health services. Evaluating sources is part of information literacy (which is part of MVCC’s general education outcomes). Our librarians work with students and faculty in the classroom as part of their research.

I thought that this piece from the Newshour really hits on some interesting information literacy lessons. How do we decide whom to trust?

PBS Newshour: Spotting the fakes among the five-star reviews
Description: Online reviews of businesses, from your corner coffee shop to your airport cab ride, are now ubiquitous. But fraudulent consumer reviews are also on the rise. Special correspondent Jackie Judd meets a fake review writer, as well as the people who are working to crackdown on reviewers for hire.