Library Spooktacular

The MVCC Library is showcasing some amazing creations from all over campus. We have 31 pumpkins so far in our annual Library Pumpkin Contest. Be sure to stop in an see them all and don’t forget to vote for your favorites.

Which pumpkin will win the trophy? Find out on Wednesday, Oct. 30th at 1pm in the Library.

Library Pumpkin Contest

The MVCC Library Annual Pumpkin Contest will soon be here. It’s time to start planning and creating your pumpkins. 

  • Students, faculty, and staff are invited to decorate – not carve – a pumpkin. 
  • Pumpkin drop off and voting begins Oct 23, 8 a.m.
  • There is no fee to enter.
  • Vote for your favorite pumpkin. 25 cents per vote or 5 votes for $1
  • Pumpkins will remain in the Library until Oct 30, 1 p.m., when the winners are announced.
  • Purchase a pumpkin for $20. 

All proceeds go to the Moraine Valley Library Student Scholarship fund.

Pumpkin Contest Time

It’s almost time for the Moraine Valley Library’s annual pumpkin contest. You can enter individually or as a group, club, department, etc. The more the merrier. We look forward to seeing all of your creative ideas! And, don’t forget to stop by the library to see all the great pumpkins and vote for your favorites.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Students, faculty and staff groups are invited to DECORATE A PUMPKIN. No Carving!

Artificial pumpkins are allowed and encouraged.

Pumpkin drop off begins Oct 22nd at 8am.

Voting for the best pumpkin begins Oct 22nd at 8am and runs until Oct 25th at 9pm.

Votes sell for 25 cents or 5 for $1.  Purchase a pumpkin for $20.

Pumpkins will remain in the Library until Oct 26th, 1 pm.

Winners announced Oct 26th at 1pm.

Trophy will be awarded to the pumpkin that receives the most votes.

All proceeds go to the Moraine Valley Library Student Scholarship fund. For more information, contact Sue Yach at 708-974-5297 or yach@morainevalley.edu.

Library Pumpkin Contest

It’s almost time for the 2017 MVCC Library Pumpkin Contest!

Moraine Valley faculty, staff, students, groups, and student organizations are invited to donate decorated pumpkins (no carving please, you may use fake pumpkins) to compete for the title of “The Great Pumpkin”. Be creative, the more fun you have the more votes your pumpkin may get!

Pumpkins can be dropped off at the library beginning Monday, October 23rd at 8am. There is no entry fee. Please remember that you are donating the pumpkin and its decorative accessories. The winning pumpkin and runners-up will be announced on Friday, October 27th at 1pm. A trophy will be awarded to the first place pumpkin.

Not quite into decorating pumpkins? No problem, participate by voting for your favorite pumpkin or making a donation to take one home!

Votes sell for 25¢ each or five for a dollar. Voting for the best pumpkin begins Monday, October 23rd, and continues through Thursday, October 26th. The library will sell the donated pumpkins individually for a minimum $20 donation on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning Monday, October 23rd. Pumpkins stay in the library until 1pm, Friday, October 27th.  All proceeds go to the Moraine Valley Library Student Scholarship fund.

Who knows what team will hold the title of “The Great Pumpkin” this year?!


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