Play a Fake News Game

Misinformation and disinformation are readily found in your social media feeds. In this game, you will play the part of a producer of fake news trying to earn badges to become the “Master of Disinformation”. As you learn how to deceive your followers, this game will teach you the techniques used by influencers to deceived and misinform. The goal is to learn to identify these techniques so that in the future, you don’t repost misleading, incomplete, or just plain fake news. The Bad News Game.

Getting sucked down the rabbit hole: Tribes, filter bubbles, identity fusion, and conspiracy theories

Faculty member, Dr. Laura Lauzen-Collins , discusses conspiracy theories and misinformation. Why do so many well-meaning, intelligent people get sucked down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories? The answer lies our mind’s own predispositions and shortcuts to forming our identity and sense of reality and the social media landscape that takes advantage of them. In this talk, we will focus on those predispositions and shortcuts that make us vulnerable to getting sucked down the rabbit hole.  This event is organized by the Library & the Democracy Commitment.

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