MVCC:POV Release Discussion

Join us to celebrate the release of season two of MVCC:POV Voices from the Valley featuring guests the GASP Club (season two), Muslim Student Association (season one), and Arab Student Union (season one). We’ll be chatting with students and advisers about their experiences participating in the podcast.

Keep listening! Episode 2 of the MVCC: POV podcast series is available

Last week we highlighted the launch of the library’s new podcast series–MVCC:POV, and this week we are continuing the conversation.

In this two part ep, Episode 2 – Class, Culture, Clothing, and Stereotypes, the MSA dig into issues that concern them in their day-to-day lives. Each part of the episode is compiled from two conversations recorded about a month apart during the spring of 2018.

PART ONE: The MSA discuss issues related to class, culture, and clothing.

PART TWO: The MSA share insights about the stereotypes they encounter and how they respond.MSA Recording Sessions 4_19_18

For more episodes check out the MVCC:POV Homepage


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