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Questions for Librarians

Did you ever have a question that you weren’t sure you should ask us? Guess what — of course you should ask! Librarians love to get questions. People ask librarians about all sorts of things. The graphic below gives an idea of what students have been asking the MVCC librarians recently. Do you have a question about research, about using the library, about something on campus? Are you wondering what kinds of pets the librarians have? Ask a Librarian!

BINGE BAGS: Binge-Watch Amazing Movies for Free!

Winter may have been cold and snowy this year, but that just means its a good time to curl up with a good movie… or 4! MVCC Library has new Binge Bags to help you out! Each bag has 3 or 4 movies centered around a theme that you can take home for 3 weeks. All you need is your MVCC ID to check out a bag! You can find them right inside the library entrance, so if you’re on campus, stop by and pick one up!

Check out our current bags in the slideshow below:

“How do I _____ at the Library?”: A Library Choose Your Own Adventure

Using the library can be an adventure, especially with so many recent changes. Follow the steps in this guide to find the information you need to be successful this semester. Choose a “character” to get started on your library adventure!

First, Choose Your Character:

You’ve Chosen Student!

Students can find all sorts of help at the library, including research and citation guidance, technology to borrow, and of course books! What will you do next?

Next, Choose Your Action:

You’ve Chosen Staff or Faculty Member!

Staff and Faculty are the backbone of education! The library wants to support you in your work by providing several services. Which one will you choose?

Next, Choose Your Action:

You’ve Chosen Member of the Community!

Members of the community are still welcome in the library and we have several services available to you. Which will you choose?

Next, Choose Your Action:

You’ve Chosen Research!

Research projects can be overwhelming, but the library has so many ways to learn what you need to be successful! Where will you start?

You’ve Chosen Visiting the Library!

The library is excited to welcome visitors back into the building, but there are some new things to know about using the space. What would you like to know?

You’ve Chosen Help with a Nursing Assignment!

Nursing assignments can be tough, but the library is ready to support you. What’s your next move?

Need an Article the Library Does Not Have? Order with InterLibrary Loan (ILL)!

Are you researching for a paper, and you find that the Library does not have the article (or other resource) you would like to use? Click on this tutorial to learn how to request an article through the Library’s InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service! If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to Ask a Librarian for help.

Use Library Drop Boxes

Feel free to return library materials (EXCEPT electronics) into one of our drop boxes. Either the one directly outside the Library entrance (IN L Building), OR the one outside Building L. Please see photos below.

INSIDE L Building, directly outside the Library entrance.
OUTSIDE the L Building

Current Library Information Effective Immediately

NO electronics returned in Drop Box PLEASE!
Library Info Effective Immediately:
Due dates for ALL materials extended until April 26th
Please use our drop box; no need to enter library for returns (EXCEPT electronics; DO NOT put in Drop Box please!)
Equipment (laptops, calculators, cameras, etc.) are AVAILABLE for check out to assist with homework needs!
Study rooms are CLOSED until further notice!
Use our chat box for reference & assistance; we are here to help! (https://lib.morainevalley.edu/Main/AskLibrarian.html)

Severe Weather “Seek Shelter” Procedure

After yesterday’s severe weather, today is a good day to go over the Library’s “seek shelter” procedures. During a tornado or severe weather warning, PLEASE (for your safety and ours) follow the directions of Library staff to seek shelter on the 1st floor (downstairs) following “Emergency Shelter Signs.” ONLY use the Back Emergency Stairs, NOT the Atrium stairs! And remain in the shelter area until you are instructed to leave. Your safety is our utmost concern during an emergency. Thank you!

Library Open During Construction

The Library is OPEN during the construction of the L Building entrances! Please use the entrance across from the B Building, under the B bridge. The book drop near the L Building has been relocated to the area between the B & L Buildings. The ramp leading up to the L Building & the Library entrance is also CLOSED. Please see photos and/or ask at the Information Desk for help. Thank you!

New Library Subject Signs

The Library has installed new subject signs within the circulating collection (also known as “the stacks” in library world) located downstairs on the first (1st) floor! The signs are located at the top of the bookshelves which enables easier searchability from within “the stacks”, so you no longer have to walk to the endcap to check the section you are searching in.

They display the subject heading along with the Library of Congress classification number relative to the subject. We worked to ensure that the subject headings chosen reflect our collection and the courses offered at the college.

The signs also have the advantage of encouraging browseability: meaning you can easily follow the signs within the collection and scan the shelves for items you might not have originally been looking for.

So please visit our collection downstairs and let us know what you think!

Authors on Display

On display in the library today are the published works of Moraine Valley faculty and staff from the past year. Stop by and see works of fiction and non-fiction including books, articles, photography, poetry, dissertations and even the cookbook Baking with Vegetables.


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