California Wildfires

We’ve been hearing a great deal of the California Wildfires in thew news. Several students have been writing papers about them, so here are some useful resources. The library has an interesting book called Jumping fire : a smokejumper’s memoir of fighting wildfire by Murry Taylor. Academic Search Premier also has a number of useful articles. These Web sites look good too.

Fire Season 2007: Battling California‘s Wildfires

Material from the California Office of the Governor about wildfires in California, specifically multiple fires in Southern California in October 2007. Features a map, activity reports, a list of public inquiry telephone numbers for fire areas, and links to material about the governor’s actions and to related sites. (Citation

Los Angeles Times: Southern California Fires

Collection of news stories and related material about the October 2007 wildfires in Southern California. Provides maps of fire perimeters, photos, lists of evacuations and closures, suggestions of what you can do to prepare for a fire evacuation, links to material for locating family and friends, a note about the status of potential FEMA coverage of losses, and suggestions for how to help fire victims. From the Los Angeles Times. (Citation

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