Blockus: Fitting it All Together



You already know that the MVCC Library is awesome, but here’s another reason to add to the list of why.  We have a new game collection that is available to you in the library.  Just come to the circulation desk to check them out!  We’re highlighting each one in a series of blog posts, and this one is dedicated to Blockus.


If you are familiar with the game Tetris, Blockus will seem familiar at a glance.  However, it gets much more complicated.  The board is a grid of 400 squares that fit your pieces.  You will get a set of 21 tiles that are based on free polyominioes, meaning that you’ll have pieces made up of squares.  These will be made up from one to five squares, each in a unique formation.


The gameplay is turn-based.  On your turn, you play one piece.  That’s it!  Simple, right?  Not exactly…  Your piece must connect to one of your other pieces, but only at the corner.  No two squares on any piece of the same color can be side by side.  You can, however, put those squares next to another color.  If you can’t fit a piece on the board, you’ll have to pass your turn.  The game ends when no more pieces can be played.


The scoring is based on how many squares in the individual pieces are left off of the board.  Each square is a negative point, so a piece made up of four squares is negative four points.  You’ll have to plan your strategy while reading your opponents moves to be able to get all of your pieces to fit on the board. Put those Tetris skills to the test!


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