Bird Migration and the Chicagoland Area

Birds from the Northern Hemisphere are seasonal travelers. During the Spring, the birds fly northward to take advantage of the increase of food. As Winter approaches, food decreases and birds make the trip back south.

Cook County pond

“Fall migration is a much less hurried affair for birds compared with spring, when various species are rushing to get to their breeding grounds and find the best place to nest.” Because Chicago is part of the Mississippi Flyway, hundreds of bird species annually traverse from the south to the north and back again. Fall is a great time to look upward and see nature’s aviators maneuver the Chicagoland sky. Area forest preserves are a great place to bird-watch. You need little equipment. Perhaps a pair of binoculars and a bird guide book that you can find in the MVCC library, or add an app to your smart phone.

Actually, bird watching has increased in popularity since the pandemic began. Here are some tips that may help you become interested in this fascinating hobby.  

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