Bill Kurtis Comes to Moraine Valley

646On Monday April 28 at 7pm, Bill Kurtis will be on campus to talk about food in the United States. His lecture is entitled “Death by Food: ‘How the American Diet is Killing You.'”

Kurtis is a well-known journalist, producer and host who has won awards in his field. He created Investigative Reports and Cold Case Files, which can be found on the A&E Television Network. He’s also a host for the American Justice series.

In the library, we have Kurtis’ book entitled The Death Penalty on Trial: Crisis on American Justice. We also have many items by Bill Kurtis’ production group Kurtis Productions, which he started in 1990. All items in the library by Bill Kurtis or produced by Kurtis Productions can be found here. We even have a streaming video called Inside the Killer’s Mind. On a more cheerful note, Kurtis was also involved in the 2004 news comedy The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Anchorman 2 starring Will Farrell. Kurtis narrated and did voice overs for the feature.

If you’re interested in buying tickets to the event, you can click here.

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