Believing CRAZY Stuff and Ignoring Science

Why do people ignore scientists? New research (see video below) is showing that the general public and scientists do not see key issues in the same way. The people doing the research and ingrained in the actual creation of knowledge have solid understandings on issues but the public does not follow. Understanding why this exists is an issue of information literacy that involves personal belief, understandings of science, the media, and the impact of technology.

PBS Newshour: Why we pick and choose which science to believe
Description: Climate change, vaccines, genetically modified foods — those topics are ripe for debate and disbelief among people of every political persuasion who aren’t convinced by scientific evidence. What accounts for the rift between scientists and the public? Gwen Ifill talks to Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post and Cary Funk of the Pew Research Center about whether the divide is here to stay.

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