Being the Police: Service, Integrity, Honor, and Community

Policing currently is at a critical juncture. It seems the public is emphatically supportive or unabashedly unsupported. Michelle Furlow worries that the noble profession that has been the focus of her career has been reduced to the public lament, “Who would want to be a cop today?” Despite the controversy, complications, and the need to move the field forward, Michelle remains passionate in her rolls as a faculty member at Moraine Valley and the Cook County Sheriff Training Academy. When asked “Who would want to be a cop today,” Michelle has a simple answer, “I would, and you should too.”

Michelle Furlow is the Program Coordinator for the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness & Continuity Certificate (EPCC) in the Criminal Justice department at Moraine Valley Community College (Palos Hills, Illinois). She also instructs with the Cook County Sheriff’s Training Academy.

This event is part of the TLC: Teaching & Learning Community event.

Being the Police: Service, Integrity, Honor, and Community

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