Beat End of the Semester Stress with Carcassonne!

We’re coming up on the end of the semester, which can be a stressful time. BUT!  Your library can help. As always, you can come in and work with us to get help finding those resources and understanding your assignments.  Also, you can come in to the library to combat that stress by unwinding with one of our games in our new board game collection!  We’ve been running a series of posts highlighting our collection, and this post will feature Carcassonne.

Some consider Carcassonne to be a “Gateway” game.  The rules are fairly simple, the gameplay is fast, and players are never removed from play.  If you’ve not played many board games before, this one might be a good entry point for you!

In the game, you take turns placing tiles to create a midieval landscape.  Each tile represents a different entity of a typical midieval kingdom.  Players compete to build cities, cloisters, roads, and fields by connecting the tiles.  Each side of a tile represents either a road, field, city or cloister and must be matched up with sides of other tiles that match.  The walls of a city must match up with another and a road must connect with another road, for example.

To score points, you must claim parts of the map with your followers as it is being built.  As you place your tile, you must determine if you intend to place your follower on a portion of it.  As cities, roads and cloisters are finished, the the players who have claimed them gain points.  You must anticipate your opponents strategies to claim territories for yourself and keep them from scoring.


Come on over the MVCC Library and bust some stress by putting your planning and strategy skills to the test with some of your friend!


In case you missed some of the previous posts, we’ve covered Settlers of Catan, Hey, That’s My Fish!, Tsuro,  Ticket to Ride , and Blokus

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