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Super Tuesday: 2020 Nomination Election Panel (video)

Political Science Professor’s Deron Schreck, Merri Fefles, and Kevin Navratil will examine the 2020 Nomination Elections, key races, the Illinois Primary and any other questions you may have about the 2020 Nomination Election. This is event is open to all and is sponsored by the by the Democracy Commitment.

The Fear of Automation and Technology: A Historical Perspective (video)

The fear of technology has been constant across history. Some of this fear has been well-founded while some has not. A panel of historians will discuss examples of technophobia and as well as the transformations that technology has enabled.

In Relationships with our Phones: Our Emotional Attachment to Gadgets & Devices (video)

Who’s the most important person in your life? Is it not a person at all? In honor of Valentine’s Day, a panel of faculty members will discuss our relationships with technology. This event is part of our One Book, One College program on Isaac Asimov’s, I, Robot.

2020 Impeachment Discussion: Context and Background on the Impeachment of President Donald Trump (video)

Political Science faculty members will be discussing the impeachment process in general and, specifically, the impact of President Trump’s impeachment.

Uncover: The Watts Riot of 1965 (video)

Moraine Valley students and staff will hear the story about the largest urban rebellion of the Civil rights era. This session will focus on the cause, timeline of events and historical significance of this known riot.

Early Designs: Early Automatons (video)

Dr. Amani Wazwaz discusses early forms of robots and automatons designed by such great thinkers and designers as Archytas, Al Jazzari, Leonardo da Vinci, John Joseph Merlin, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, and others. This talk is inspired by Moraine Valley’s 2019 One Book, One College on Isaac Asimov’s I Robot and MOSAICS Building Bridges Program.

Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction as Social Commentary (video)

As a genre, Science Fiction has pushed us to see our future (and present) in new ways. It has predicted new technologies and challenged us to think about how society will change. In this event, a panel of faculty members will discuss SciFi as a genre and explore how to understand and recognize its relevance. This event is part of our One Book, One College program on Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot.

Why You Should Be a Voter (video)

This event will provide information to help you find out whether you are registered to vote, where to vote, offices that you can vote for in 2020, why this election is so important, and why you should be a voter. This event is part of the Democracy Commitment programming.

The Future of News in Chicagoland

Are we watching the final death knell of news in Chicago? We have already witnessed the collapse of suburban papers, and, now, we may be witnessing the end of the Chicago Tribune. The Trib has been a regional leader but in recent decades, it has been fighting to stay alive.

Now two veteran reporters from the Tribune, David Jackson and Gary Marx, are sounding an alarm with an op-ed they wrote in the New York Time. You can read it here, “Will The Chicago Tribune Be the Next Newspaper Picked to the Bone?”

They note that the hedge fund Alden Global Capital is now the Tribune‘s largest shareholder. Alden is famous for buying news groups and stripping them down for profit. Jackson and Marx note,

“Alden’s strategy of acquiring struggling local newsrooms and stripping them of assets has built the personal wealth of the hedge fund’s investors. But Alden has imposed draconian staff cuts that decimated The Denver Post and other once-proud newspapers that have been vital to their communities and to American democracy. Those newsrooms, which put a spotlight on local political corruption, have served as forums for community voices and have driven the coverage of regional television, radio and online outlets…”

They continue,

“The alternative is a ghost version of The Chicago Tribune — a newspaper that can no longer carry out its essential watchdog mission. Illinois’s most vulnerable people would lose a powerful guardian, its corrupt politicians would be freer to exploit and plunder, and this prairie metropolis would lose the common forum that binds together and lifts its citizens.”

You can read the entire editorial in the MVCC Library’s New York Times database.

Before I was Your Teacher: My Life Overseas

Intensive English Language faculty members talk about the time they spent teaching English outside of the United States. They talk about their time in Saipan, Yemen, and Mexico. This event is part of International Education Week. ?

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