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Daylight saving time is ending- what will you be doing?

Pocket Watch - 3D render
“Pocket Watch – 3D render” by Áron Jakab is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Have you thought about what you want to do with your extra hour this Sunday? Sure, you could catch up on sleep, but there are so many options to consider!

Why don’t you ~fall back~ into the couch and enjoy an hour long episode of the PBS series How We Got to Now on time.

Perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy the soothing vocals of Seal’s “Daylight Saving” from his 2015 (and conveniently 50-minute-long) album, 7.

Maybe you find yourself contemplating the very nature of time? Why not explore those questions by reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

Need help with time management? Learn how to balance your time between your work life and social life while still prioritizing your personal time.

Now stop wasting time and make the most of your additional hour!

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Nancy Drew


Tonight, the CW Television Network premieres it’s newest teen drama series based on the classic adventures of Nancy Drew, teen detective. Enjoy the original novels by Carolyn Keene (and her many ghostwriters) here at the library!

Nancy also occasionally teams up with the Hardy Boys to solve cases, which you can read about in the comic series available through Hoopla!

If you want something to compare to the new CW series, Nancy Drew also starred in another television series, which can be streamed through the library.

Learn everything about what Nancy has accomplished, how she came to be, and the women who created her in Girl Sleuth.

And finally, if you want to solve mysteries like Nancy, check out Her Interactive for a series of immersive, first-person games where you get to play as Nancy Drew! The newest game in the series, Midnight in Salem, is available for pre-order on October 15th!

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Anniversary of “Little Women”

“Little Women” Coming to theaters in December

On October 1st, 1868, Louisa May Alcott published the classic coming of age novel, “Little Women.”

Over the course of it’s 150 year life, “Little Women” has seen many incarnations. From the original novel to the silver screen, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March have captivated readers and audiences with their supportive sisterhood and vivid imaginations.

For access to the ebook, audiobook, musical soundtrack, movies, and more, check out the material available on our library catalog.

Greta Gerwig, acclaimed director of 2017’s “Lady Bird,” will be directing the latest version of “Little Women,” which will be coming to theaters this December. You can watch “Lady Bird” on DVD or stream it through the library website.

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Hispanic Heritage Month and the PBS Video Collection

Diana Dávila of Mi Tocaya Antojería

Photo by: Jeff Marini

Credit: Chicago Magazine Review of Mi Tocaya Antojería

Get ready for the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 to October 15, by checking out some of the fascinating videos the library has to offer through PBS Video Collection. Watch documentaries, news segments, and TV programs that highlight and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and history of the Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities. 

Learn about Loreta Velazquez, a Cuban immigrant who disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the American Civil War. 

Feeling hungry? Take a trip into the city and learn about Chicago’s Mexican community and food culture. You’ll be clamoring to make reservations at Mi Tocaya by the end!  

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Happy Cat Month

Modified from Creative Commons
“sabrina works in the office” by bnilsen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Alright cat lovers and cat owners, we all know how this is going to go. All you want to do is read this blog post on your phone or your laptop or any other digital device that consumes your attention, and your cat is not going to be happy about it. In fact, they’re probably standing in between your face and the screen right now.

Well, good thing September is Happy Cat Month! Once you’ve given your furry friend all the love and pats they deserve, check out some of the cat material the library has to offer! Have you watched every funny cat video compilation on YouTube known to man? Look no further! Check out this video! Want information on how to care for your senior cat? We’ve got you covered! Do you need inspiration for commissioning a portrait of your fuzzy companion? Browse through examples of cats in paintings!

If you have the time and resources to volunteer or donate, check out Animal Welfare League, an animal shelter and adoption center located in Chicago Ridge!

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