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Memorial Day – No librarians available to help.

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On Sunday, May 24, and Monday, May 25, (Memorial Day) there will be no librarians on duty for reference services, that is, virtual reference services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So what, you say, is Decoration Day? That is the name formerly used for Memorial Day, an observance for those soldiers who died during the U. S. Civil War, a day, variously observed mainly in April or May, which was reserved for this purpose way back in 1865-1866. It was, however, only in 1971 that this day became a federal holiday, that it be celebrated on the last Monday of May, and that those who died in any U. S. conflict are now honored. Get more details about this important day, you history buffs. The History Channel provides quite a comprehensive explanation of this remembrance, which heralds the beginning of summer for us. Click here to get there!

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Statistics lovers: here’s the Worldometer!

For about 15 years, this website has generated dynamic statistics. Of course, it has the Coronavirus information, but this service, vetted by ALA (American Library Association), has all kinds of statistical numbers under such headings as the following:

Bicycles made this year

Public education expenditures today

Cellular phones sold today

Forest loss this year

Overweight people in the world

Money spent on weight loss in the USA today

Days to the end of oil

Money spent on Illegal drugs this year (Big, big numbers!)

You may search by geographical region also. Some information may be disturbing or possibly uplifting. Find not only the categories and numbers but also check out the charts. Take a test drive here and be prepared to be overwhelmed.

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Campus Closed This Weekend

Please note that the campus is closed this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 10-12).  Ordinarily this may be a difficulty; however, since access to the physical facilities has not been possible for the last few weeks, this closure should not be a cause for concern.

Good News: Although the “Ask the Librarian” option will not be available; still, a generous amount of electronic materials are as close to you as your computer. Click here to get to the library’s home page.

Always check our hours of operation here.

The library Student FAQs are here.

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Reliable Info on Corvid-19: Stat

From the website…

“What’s STAT all about?
STAT is a media company focused on finding and telling compelling stories about health, medicine, and scientific discovery. We produce daily news, investigative articles, and narrative projects in addition to multimedia features. We tell our stories from the places that matter to our readers — research labs, hospitals, executive suites, and political campaigns.”

Click here for Stat.

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Take in a TED talk? Listen to MVCC Library Podcasts?

Around since 1984, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks have more impact now with the Internet. Click here to get to the website with 25 of the more popular TED talks. These talks are audio-visual.

How about taking in one of the Moraine Valley Community College Library podcasts. You have a choice of audio-visual, audio, or audio with transcripts (written texts). Click here to get to the 2020 and all previous podcasts.

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Preparing for Qualifying Tests – ACT, CNA, etc.

Although the MVCC library has test prep items in its catalog, at this time that the campus is closed, below are two places (#1 and #2) where you may find what you want. Remember that not all test options are available – ever – at every library. 

First of all, the eResources found in the library’s online catalog that look like this

and send you to the EbSCOLearningExpress© items ( To access eBook), require that you use the computers on campus. Because the campus is closed, this is impossible to do.

Here are two places that might help:

  1. Hoopla. This service provides streaming videos and provides some test preparation opportunities. Just use the search window. Go here to get started, or search our catalog here and look for the Hoopla information in the record.
  2. eRead IL  Notice the first eRead option above. It is in our online catalog. Click here for quick access to the catalog and enter your search word(s).

Please remember that your user name is your MV Connect user name (Last name, initial of your first name and perhaps a number or numbers). Leave off the, which is for email use. Then enter the password that is associated with your user name.

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Try Project Gutenberg

Although there is Kindle for your reading pleasure, and there is the MVCC library catalog to hook you up to eBooks and eAudio, for some of the classic literature, try Project Gutenberg. There are many options to hear or to read. Downloading to a Kindle is also possible, if this is a better convenience. Details are on the home page. Just scroll down for all of your options.

Click here to check it out.

Just a reminder: Project Gutenberg is available on the WWW. Just type in Project Gutenberg in the search window.

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E Resources for You

At this special and unusual time, “come to the library” online. Here is the link to the library catalog where you can read or listen online. Just put in your search term(s) in the search space in the right-most area – Books, DVDs, Media (Library Catalog). Streaming video is also available through the library catalog.

Another eBook and eAudio resource can be found here in our databases.

If you need help to find the right app for your phone, go here. Scroll the page to find the correct information for the resource.

YouTube is not the only game in town! How about some music time. Go here to our databases for music from Naxos. Bonus: other eResources are listed too.

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