Argonne National Laboratory Joins the Battle!

I wrote a blog in June 2016 about Argonne National Laboratory. A lot has changed over the course of four years. The laboratory recently added the Coronavirus to its research efforts in an attempt to help the world find a cure to end this pandemic. “Argonne, in collaboration with other nations, universities, and industry partners, is prioritizing work to treat the disease and slow or prevent its transmission.”

Some Argonne scientists developed a 4 prong attack to eliminate the virus. Other scientists at the laboratory are concentrating on a drug solution. “We need multiple drugs to treat this virus, because this disease is likely to be with us for a long time…It’s not good enough for us to develop a single drug. If COVID-19 develops a resistance to one drug, then we need others.” The lab is also doing some research that applies specifically to Chicago and its population.

It is wonderful that the global community is working together to solve this disaster. It is also comforting to know that a renowned laboratory located just 10 miles from our campus has joined forces to defeat this invisible enemy.

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