Another cheeseburger?

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In the last decade, the American diet has come under a great deal of scrutiny.  Eating meat, drinking pop and consuming too many carbohydrates have been targeted as potential health risks. Some nutritionists and medical experts feel that a return to a “more natural” diet would help prevent heart disease, diabetes, joint pain and tooth decay. Recent scientific discoveries have prompted scientists to re-examine the modern, healthy diet theory. Surprisingly, atherosclerosis, tooth decay and other diseases are not a new phenomenon. Scientists have studied mummified remains and found similar illnesses in ancient people. Check out the articles below to see how recent studies on mummies indicate that hardened arteries have been around for thousands of years.

Mummies and heart disease 

Mummies and tooth decay

Does this mean ordering french fries with our cheeseburger is a good option? Read this site for nutritional tips.

Nutritional tips

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