“A Look at Muslims in Comics”

This article from Panels.net caught my eye, Eid Mubarak! A Look at Muslims in Comics. This is a great piece that outlines a range of characters in comics (superhero and non-superhero) who are Muslims. There’s a diverse group of characters and stories.

This caught my eye, because we are excited to be hosting two of the most well-known Arab writers. Yes, I know that being Arab is not the same as being Muslim, but these books consider many similar issues. Many writers intertwine identities. The article linked above actually has several comics about non-Arab Muslims. So, this explores quite a diversity of views. Definitely worth reading.

Here’s the event details for this fall. This event is organized by the Arab Student Union.

The Arab Experience Through Graphic Novels: Author Visit and Book Signing Featuring Leila Abdelrazaq and Toufic El Rassi
Nov 17, 11am Building L, Library Lounge
We welcome acclaimed writers Leila Abdelrazaq and Toufic El Rassi to Moraine Valley for this special event. Leila Abdelrazaq is the author of the graphic novel Baddawi which is the story of a young Palestinian boy named Ahmad who is struggling to find his place in the world. Toufic El Rassi is the author of the graphic novel Arab in America which is the story of average Arab-Americans who struggle with their identity in a post-9/11 world.

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