A Fake War on Wikipedia

Here’s a lesson in information literacy.  Our faculty have emailed around some stories related to the Bicholim Conflict. Ever heard of this 17th century war? No? Well, that’s because it was entirely made up on Wikipedia. It never happened, but some creative writers put together a whole history about a war between Portugal and Indian. Here are some articles about the hoax:

From Daily Dot: After a half-decade, massive Wikipedia hoax finally exposed

From the Huffington Post: Wikipedia Hoax ‘Bicholim Conflict’ Deleted From Site

From Wikipedia: Bicholim Conflict

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is so influential that there are still references to this fake war all over the web, so it is unlikely that the Bicholim Conflict will soon go away. We will long remember the brave sacrifices made by the soldiers and civilians who fought in this fake, hoax of a war.


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