A Decade of Blogging In Our Library






Today marks the 10th anniversary since our library’s first blog posts WAY back in 2004.

We started learning about and implementing our blogs in 2003 when few people even knew what a blog was all about. Now, a decade later, blogs a common part of media and social media. Today, our blogs feed content to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

Over the years, many of our librarians have written for our blogs. We have written about library services, topics in the news, paper topics, campus events, and many other items. Our blogs are a history of our library and our history. Sometimes questions at the reference desk or questions that student ask us in classes become blog posts.

Read our first posts to our Search Tips Blog here. 

Read our first posts to our Search Tips Blog here. 

Some of Our Most Popular Blog Posts: 

Is there a Salt Mine Under Lake Michigan?  (2012)

Grant Park, Yesterday & Tonight (2008)

Abuse At Abu Ghraib: Selected Sources (2004)

Chicago White Sox History (2005)

What is it like to be Young and Arab in America? (2013)

The anime encyclopedia (2009)

Rosa Parks, 1913-2005 (2005)

Thundersnow is real. Did you hear it? (2011)

Finding Help for Hungry Students (2012)



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