Officialness and The Torture Report

In case you missed it, last week the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released the Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program, also known as the Torture Report. So, for all you political junkies and civics geeks out there, you might be interested in having a copy of it.

Now the cool thing about everything published by Congress, or for that matter the government in general, is that it is supposed to be in the public domain. You may have a copy of this report for free, if you would like it in a digital format. It also means that if you have access to a printing press, you can also print it yourself and charge for it. The publisher Melville House is rushing the book into print, and it will hit store shelves on December 30. Amazon has already published a Kindle version of the book and has it on sale currently for $9.99. But, for the connoisseur, you can purchase the official government printed edition from the Government Publishing Office for $29.00.

If you are downloading a free version from the Internet, you should make sure you get the official copy. You can check for any digital government document’s “officialness” using Adobe Reader. Official stamp denoting an unmodified government documentLook for the certificate stamp on page 1 of any government document downloaded from the internet. If it is there, this means it is an official copy, and you have confirmation that the document has not modified in any way.

The Library already has a number of official reports like this from congress. These items are especially useful if you need Primary Sources for a research paper. Look for items in our catalog denoted as an “E-Resource”. Our collection is especially strong on the topics of, foreign affairs and especially the Middle East, the environment, cybersecurity, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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