70th Anniversary of D-Day

June 6, 1944 – June 6, 2014

Friday marks the 70th Anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy.  As people all over the world honor the sacrifices made on that momentous day, here are a couple of great resources that will let you see, hear, and watch the story unfold:

1944: D-Day and the Normandy Invasion, by The National Archives and Records Administration     See photos, top-secret documents and much more, including the handwritten “In Case of Failure” note that General Eisenhower wrote on June 5 and his June 6 “Order of the Day” statement to all the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Allied Forces. Listen to President Roosevelt’s radio address to the nation about the Invasion.

The National WWII Museum’s D-Day 70th: Timeline     Starting at 0015 hours (that’s just after midnight in military time), this site will take you through the day in the words and photos of those that were there.   This rich resource is a great tribute and includes many videos, photos, and digitized artifacts!

If these sites make you want to go deeper, check out some of the materials we have in our collection on D-Day.

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