50th Anniversary Video-Nicole Selvaggio, Alumna and Adjunct Communications Instructor

Moraine Valley Community College celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. To learn more about and to re-live some of what those five decades have been like, the college has been collecting oral histories. Each week this semester we will highlight one of the videos.

“I talk about Moraine to anybody who will listen to me. I love it here.”

Nicole Selvaggio is an Adjunct Communications Instructor here at MVCC who has been able to be a part of the Moraine Valley family, as she calls it, in a few different roles. She began here as a student athlete. She was a star tennis player for the school and then became Head Women’s Tennis Coach immediately upon graduation. She’s seen great improvements in tennis facilities and in the FitRec center on campus.

She is also an instructor in the Communications Department as an Adjunct Faculty member where she is able to work with people who were mentors to her. She can now provide encouragement to her students and her athletes as someone who was in their exact spot several years ago. She hopes to be here at Moraine Valley 50 years from now when it’s time to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

To enjoy more of these oral histories, along with historic photos and documents, visit the MVCC College Archives.

Nicole Selvaggio, Alumna and Adjunct Communications Instructor

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