50th Anniversary Video-Mark Horstmeyer, Retired Director of College and Community Relations

Moraine Valley Community College celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. To learn more about and to re-live some of what those five decades have been like, the college has been collecting oral histories. Each week this semester we will highlight one of the videos.

In his 17 years at MVCC, Mark Horstmeyer saw the college grow from being the 7th largest community college in the state to the 2nd largest. He credits the sense of community at the college with its success. He remembers experiencing this when knocking on doors for the 2006 referendum. He also recalls the glitch in the voting system that caused everyone to be on pins and needles for about a week waiting for voting results.

One of the highlights of his career here was coaching the cross country teams. He brought the program back to the college and was the coach through 16 very successful seasons. He is proud to see that his student athletes are now doing so many wonderful thing with their lives.

To enjoy more of these oral histories, along with historic photos and documents, visit the MVCC College Archives.

Mark Horstmeyer, Retired Director of College and Community Relations

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