50th Anniversary Video-Lenette Staudinger, Retired Biology Faculty Member

Moraine Valley Community College celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. To learn more about and to re-live some of what those five decades have been like, the college has been collecting oral histories. Each week this semester we will highlight one of the videos.

Lenette Staudinger was one of the original 30 faculty members at Moraine and taught Biology here for 32 years. She recalls the open concept buildings, both at 115th Street and in the temporary buildings on this campus. The open floor plan did create some issues, including fruit flies from the Biology lab wandering the whole building. She shares other interesting stories of scrounging flowers from a cemetery and more about those lab animals. What happens when you have a snake and then add gerbils to the population? Let’s just say that the cleaning crew no longer wanted to clean the animal lab.

Lenette is very proud of her time at MVCC and of the quality education and faculty dedication that Moraine students receive. “Whenever I get the chance, I tell people that I was a faculty member here.”

To enjoy more of these oral histories, along with historic photos and documents, visit the MVCC College Archives.

Lenette Staudinger, Retired Biology Faculty Member

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