40 Acres of Wonder

All We Can Save is the title of MVCC’s One Book, One College for the 2021-22 school year. This book consists of 60 essays written by “female activists, scientists, artists, policymakers, writers, and thinkers.” who are attempting to help find solutions to climate chaos. There are numerous activities planned to help students and staff explore and learn about the pressing issue of climate change. I attended a tour of the MVCC Nature Center on September 29. Two MVCC Earth/Environmental instructors, Jana Svec and Krista Syrup gave a guided tour of an unique area of the Moraine Campus. My tour of this site gave me a whole new perspective of the terrain where our school resides.

The MVCC Nature Area has some helpful and interesting information about our campus. Also, visit the MVCC library site for a list of upcoming events.

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