Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have important fasts and feasts or celebrations this spring

The month-long fast of Ramadan, which Muslims observe, is based on a lunar calendar. It tends to cover the entire calendar ultimately. This year, however, Ramadan begins on April 2. By this time, Christians have had Lent for a month and are preparing for Easter on April 17 (or April 24 for Orthodox Christians). Meanwhile, Jews begin the celebration of Passover on Friday, April 15 and conclude on Saturday, April 3.

All of these commemorations represent very important events in each religion. While it is not easy to give a summary in this blog, we can get more depth and information not only off the web but also from the selections of materials that the MVCC Library has.


Try this ebook for the foundational faith of Judaism. Both Christians and Muslims draw from God’s first revelation of Himself to the ancient Hebrews: 


For a history of Christianity, here is a suggested ebook text:,119,333,B/frameset&FF=dchurch+history&23,,30?save=b380310


Finally, find this book on Islam in our circulating collection on the lower level of the library:

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