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Users have reported an issue with accessing the SIRS Researcher database from off-campus. The library is currently working with our vendor to solve the issue.

In the meantime, please use the following link to access SIRS from off-campus:

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MVCC:POV Release Discussion

Join us to celebrate the release of season two of MVCC:POV Voices from the Valley featuring guests the GASP Club (season two), Muslim Student Association (season one), and Arab Student Union (season one). We’ll be chatting with students and advisers about their experiences participating in the podcast.

Author José Ángel N. in Discussion with MVCC Students

Celebrated author José Ángel N. joined MVCC Social Psychology students for a discussion on his life and his writing. Students from Amy Williamson’s psychology class prepared questions as part of their course.

Particle Accelerators: Probing the Universe with the World’s Highest Energy Collisions

The universe we live in is approximately 14 billion years old and has undergone many phases of transformation. The exact laws of its structure and formation remain largely unknown to us. One way to understand them is to re-create the conditions of the early universe when the matter was very dense and hot. This can be achieved in our days using high energy particle accelerators and colliders. In this talk I will present big questions particle physicists are facing today and explain how we try to address them using the data from accelerators, such as the Tevatron at Fermilab and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This talk is part of the STEM Lecture Series.

The Grand Canyon: Home to Ancient Vampire Bats and Ground Sloth Poop

A long time ago in a canyon far far away… prehistoric animals left traces of their existence for scientists to discover. We celebrate those discoveries and their contributions to science with National Fossil Day. This year’s focus is the rich knowledge gained from the fossils found at the Grand Canyon National Park

This year’s promotional artwork depicts a 9 foot long Shasta Ground Sloth entering Rampart Cave on the west end of the park, surrounded by the large droppings that remained fossilized in the cave for around 11,000- 40,000 years. The fossilized dung has provided a wealth of information about the local plants and environmental conditions from the sloth’s time.

Also included in the artwork is an extinct vampire bat, a distant but larger cousin to living vampire bats in Central and South America. Remains found in the cave suggests these bats may have fed on the blood of the Shasta Ground Sloth. Prehistoric life could be pretty rough!

The Grand Canyon might seem far from Moraine Valley, but you’re closer to fossils than you might think. Mazon Creek is a well-known fossil collecting site in Illinois, famous for its excellent preservation and fossil variety.

One of the more interesting findings to come out of Mazon Creek is now the Illinois state fossil. Known as the Tully Monster (Tullimonstrum gregarium), scientists currently believe it was a soft-bodied invertebrate that lived on the sea floor back when Illinois used to sit near the equator. Its strange body shape has left scientists stumped as to what kind of animal it actually was.

The library has plenty of books and media to satisfy your need for fossil knowledge. Find them here!

Leaf Peeping

The days are getting shorter, which means chlorophyll production in trees is slowing. This lets the true colors of leaves come through. During the next few weeks, Fall colors will be everywhere. Whether you want to see the local showing or plan to take a leaf peeping trip, it helps to have an idea of when the best time to catch colors at their peak will be. This interactive Fall Foliage map from might help. You can view the predicted September through November progression of colors throughout the country.

Middle Eastern Literature

Browse our extensive collection of Arabic and Persian literature, located primarily in the call numbers PJ7601-PJ8008 and PK6400-PK6599.7 respectively. Some recommended works include:

Library Resources on Impeachment

With talk of impeachment in the news, some of you may be interested in doing research on the topic.  We have many books and a few e-journal articles you can find here.  You can also search for articles through many of our database categories like government information, history, military information, and news.  Also, you will find information in a few of our multiple subject databases like Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, MasterFILE, and SIRS Researcher. 

If you need any help, please ask a librarian. 

Here Are the Record Breaking Spawn #300 and #301 Issues

Spawn is officially in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest running independent comic in history. Read the record breaking #300 and #301 issues by clicking the links to Hoopla!

Spawn #300

Spawn #301

If you are not familiar with background of Spawn, watch this origin video.