See Troll 2 at Strange Brew and Online

How can I even describe the proclaimed, “Best Worst Movie” of all time? I can’t. This film emits such a level of love or loathing in its newest viewers that fan reactions are just as comical as this film. Bring this film up to friends or coworkers and you will either get judged for your terrible choice in movies or make a new best friend.

See for yourself at Strange Brew Cafe (one of our campus vendors) or online through the Moraine Valley Library database Hoopla.

Batman Day is this Saturday, September 28th!

Pick up the best of Batman titles this Saturday, September 18th on display at the library. We’ve got an excellent assortment of Batman graphic novels curated by the Moraine Valley librarians. We’ve got the classic Batman run “A Death in the Family” by Jim Starlin, the man who created Thanos. You can also pick up Alan Moore’s legendary title, “The Killing Joke” . This seminal title was the foundation for nearly every Batman movie since and the 2020 blockbuster Joker. In the mood for a great detective story? Read Jeph Loeb’s “The Long Halloween”, where Batman tracks down all the famous DC villains in the hope of stopping a series of terrible crimes. Checkout these titles and more on display at the library and online through Hoopla.

The 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Tomorrow, the United States prepares to honor the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack. Over 3,000 lives were lost. Hopefully, Americans will spend some time reflecting on the people who died. Also, a special tribute to the first responders who gave their lives while attempting to save others.

A Better Way to Evaluate Online Information

Are you looking to up your game in the evaluation of online information? Bestselling author John Green wants to help!

Misinformation, disinformation, fake news, and conspiracies have become so common that we stumble across these all the time in our web searches and in our news feeds. And it’s getting harder and harder to evaluate the information that we find. Really bad information is often presented in a professional looking manner with a great looking list of references. Those old checklists just don’t work anymore.

What we really need to do is find out who is behind the information and why they want us to see it. A great way to do this is to leave the webpage we’re on, open a new tab, and google the person or organization presenting the information. Instead of reading vertically, up and down the page we found, we need to read laterally, across the web, to find out what other people have to say about the presenter.

Here’s where John Green comes into the picture. His Crash Course YouTube series has produced a collection in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University to help us learn more about how misinformation is spread and to demonstrate how to use lateral reading skills to evaluate online information. The videos are really engaging and really helpful.

Check out the first Navigating Digital Information video below. As always, the MVCC Library has lots of helpful information as well. Click here for a sample.

Wildfires can make their own weather!?!

After I finished my library degree, I had the privilege of living in southern Oregon for three of the most adventurous years of my life. Back then, wildfires were frequent, but they rarely turned into the monsters they can be today. Recently, the largest fire in Oregon, the Bootleg Fire, was said to be creating it’s own weather – it even spawned a firenado! This fascinating article by Wired magazine entitled Oh Good, Now there is an Outbreak of Wildfire Thunderclouds, will explain how they do that and what they mean for climate future. For more resources about wildfires, pyrocumulonimbus clouds, or other environmental research questions, please Ask a Librarian for help.

Database Downtime

The following library databases will be inaccessible starting at 9:00 PM, Saturday July 24th until 7 AM, Sunday July 25th. These products will be under maintenance at this time. The following databases are effected:

  • Chicago Tribune
  • Coronavirus Research Database
  • Criminal Justice Database
  • Literature Online
  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Times
  • Nursing and Allied Health Database
  • Historical Newspapers: Chicago Tribune
  • Historical Newspapers: The New York Times
  • SIRS Issues Researcher
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • U.S. Major Dailies
  • History Study Center

If you have any questions, please ask a librarian.

That Smokey Haze Across the Chicago Skyline

Have you noticed that milky haze across the sky? That’s smoke in the upper atmosphere from Western wildfires. There are 80 fires burning across 13 states and the smoke from those fires reaches across the entire US. Check out this NY Times story, See How Wildfire Smoke Spread Across America. (MVCC students and staff can sign up for a free account on the NY Times through our library).

A map from the NY Times traces the route of smoke across the US.
Haze in the sky of Chicago.
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